Photos of Andrew Gaul

Taj Mahal

Visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra. (2012)

Deepti Chheda's wedding

Posing with the bride at Deepti Chheda's wedding in Mumbai. (2012)

Copacabana beach

Celebrating the new year at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro with Usha. (2011)

Mill Ends Park

Visiting the smallest park in the world with Ashish and Nilofer Motiwala and Usha Ramachandran. (2011)

blue hair

Blue bloods have more fun. (2011)

no pants

Acting natural at Powell Station during No Pants Day. (2011)


Rafting down the south fork of the American River. (2010)

Wedding piñata

Groomsman at Max Mohr's wedding, holding the ceremonial piñata. (2010)

Riverbed holiday party 2009

Riverbed holiday party. Top: Anoop Gupta, And­rew Gaul, John Shil­kaitis, Shaw Vrana, Thom van Os. Bottom: Brian Miller, Ku­nal Trivedi. (2009)

Sherlock Holmes

My day job, solving mysteries. (2009)

Riverbed holiday party 2008

At the Riverbed holiday party with Viv Keswani and Jim Mace. (2008)

Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year as a rice bowl. Video from KTVU. (2008)

Niagara Falls

Looking dapper at Niagara Falls. (2007)

Mustache Monday

Celebrating Mustache Monday, part of Riverbed's Mandatory Week of Fun. Ka-Hing Cheung and Giang Nguyen stand to the left. (2006)

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Having entirely too much fun at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. (2006)

Toughest Race in Texas 2005

Running the Toughest Race in Texas. (2005)

Stallman signs book

Richard Stallman autographs my copy of his biography after his talk at UT Austin. (2003)

Billion Seconds of Unix

Celebrating one billion seconds of Unix, covered by the Austin American-Statesman. Shashank Khandelwal stands to the right. (2001)

shooting pool

Shooting pool at Buffalo Billiards in Austin. (2001)

2001 ACM International Programming Contest team

University of Texas at Austin ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest team: Andrew Gaul, Thore Karlsen, and Amol Nayate. (2001)

Stevenson trouble

Getting into trouble the night before my graduation from Stevenson. (1997)