Photos of Andrew Gaul

Angkor Wat
Enlightenment dawning at Angkor Wat. (2023)
Thinking the big thoughts at TEDx on the little island of Awaji. (2021)
Surveying the panorama at Yosemite. (2019)
Củ Chi tunnels
Burrowing through the Củ Chi tunnels in Vietnam. (2019)
San Francisco marathon
Running the second half of the San Francisco marathon with the bride- and groom-to-be (results). (2018)
Greece wedding
Attending an Indian wedding along the Athens Riviera (Sangeet video). (2018)
tuned mass damper
Holding steady with the world's largest tuned mass damper atop Taipei 101. (2017)
bonfires of Saint John
Dispelling witches during the bonfires of Saint John in Granada (video). (2017)
Demonstrating juche five feet inside North Korea at the DMZ. (2016)
Hong Kong Brew House
Yukking it up at Hong Kong Brew House. (2016)
Reclining Buddha
Reclining with the Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok. (2015)
Franz Kafka Museum
Metamorphosing outside the Franz Kafka museum in Prague. (2014)
Mount Kintoki
Wielding Kintarō's hatchet on top of Mount Kintoki in Hakone. (2014)
Chichen Itza
Wondering about the end of the world at Chichen Itza in the Yucatán. (2013)
Taj Mahal
Reflecting at the Taj Mahal in Agra. (2012)
Copacabana beach
Celebrating the new year at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro with Usha. (2011)
Mill Ends Park
Visiting the smallest park in the world. (2011)
Sherlock Holmes
Solving mysteries at my day job at Riverbed. (2009)
Chinese New Year
Celebrating Chinese New Year as a rice bowl (video). (2008)
Toughest Race in Texas 2005
Running the Toughest Race in Texas. (2005)
Stallman signs book
Richard Stallman autographs my copy of his biography after his talk at UT Austin. (2003)
Billion Seconds of Unix
Celebrating one billion seconds of Unix. (2001)